“I’m fine” video and single soft release
Monday Dec. 21st 2020

“I’m fine” off of the upcoming album “Crisis”
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Song Credits released December 21, 2020 written and produced by Stefanie Koscher mixed by Gordon Raphael mastered by Frida Claeson Johansson © HuRe – Humane Records 2020. All rights reserved.
Video Credits starring Mercedes Olivia Springer camera and direction: Gersin Livia Paya outdoor footage: Stefanie Koscher art direction, edit: Stefanie Koscher ——————————-

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released April 13, 2020
written by Stefanie Koscher
recorded by Paul Remund at Hundertwasserhaus Vienna
mixed by Gordon Raphael
mastered by Frida Claeson Johansson

Some opinions

„ […] unique and haunting, very quirky, brain twisting sound […] “ – Karla Harris of When The Horn Blows

“The strangeness of this stands out for sure, with a very distinctive and ambitious sound.“ – Various Small Flame

“What a stream of consciousness this is, a form of therapy, because it has an easy manner and the almost unrehearsed jam feel to it just means we can lounge in our pajamas all day if we wish. For right now it is right on. Could work well given the Fiona Apple effect at the moment.” – mp3hugger

“Rich, emotive and elegant slice of stirring folk tinged rock; […] with the scratchy strum in its solitary state – it is real, raw and quite elegant.“ – BarryGruff

“Great music video. A masterpiece of art!“ – Indie Music Center

Pre-listen and download for free on steffko.bandcamp.com